My Favourite Artists

May 19, 20150 CommentsMusic News

Asked who are my favorite singers, I couldn’t launch into a quick answer. There are so many artists who have left an impression on me, I struggle to say who is at the top of the pile, but I reckon David Bowie tops the lot. His transforming characters over the decades kept me entranced with his creativity…..And needless to say, I fancied him!!
I remember seeing Sammy Davis Jnr live in London, and was enthralled by the way his very presence captivated a Theatre full of people….and he was pretty amazing.
I thought the 80’s were fab, and just loved the way that music, hair and fashion blended into one big performance….Mullets, shoulder pads, men’s makeup and New Romantics…..Loved it!

Which brings me to today’s Music scene. I think it embraces all genres, and it’s a moment in time where we are witness to some incredible singer/songwriters shining through with their massive talent…. Mr Ed Sheeran to name just one!


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